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Illustration and Bookart by Olivia Healy-Mirkovich


Did some quick marker sketches of gargoyles for funsies. I have some more refined stuff coming soon, and if all goes well a new webcomic.

Here’s a little sketchbook made from scrap materials. Drew a goldfinch on the cover to pretty it up a little, then realized that I’ve officially conformed to all hipster illustration standards by literally putting a bird on it. Gross.

Anyway, stonehenge paper for the interior, grocery bag covers, pamphlet-stitched with waxed linen.

And more concept art for my maybe summer webcomic project. Angel appearing to cowboys.

I did more sketching for my nun+demons+wild west webcomic pipe dream. Featuring snarky Baphomet.

Sometimes you just have to consider starting a webcomic project about a reformed nun who teams up with demons to combat aggressive Catholic missionaries in the highly fictionalized and pulpy Old West.

Duke Agares is being v. difficult.

I finally have some time to sketch again, so I took some tombo pens to the LA zoo for some life drawing. (For any locals, the new Rainforest exhibits are fantastic. The river otters look SO much happier.)


"Everyone Dies"

ink on paper in a handmade book

Legitimately one of my favorite blogs.

Here’s a quick parasaurolophus sketch since drawing dinosaurs tends to be a fun stress relief.

Testing out some toned cardstock, so here’s a calico and some ornamental kale.

In a recent discussion about adopting a goat I half-jokingly suggested she have some feminism/goat pun-based name. My brilliant friend already had one prepared.