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Illustration and Bookart by Olivia Healy-Mirkovich


Definitely had this image in the back of my brain when I did this.

sneaky catholicism

A friend of mine is going through some really tough things so I drew his pet hedgehog. (Best name ever.)

More metallic pencil on toned paper because it’s stupid fun.

I wanted to try out metallic pencils on toned paper so here’s a deer. The reflective surface upsets the delicate flower of a scanner I own so phone camera stepped up to the plate.

Speedpainting of some deers in photoshop as a cool-down for the day.

More doodles for the western nun comic pipedream. Wherein Agares befriends local children. And so does his crocodile. I guess his hawk has a dgaf attitude towards kids. Get it, hawk.

(I promise I’m doing actual behind-the-scenes work like finalizing a story arc, character development, etc.)

I am completely serious when I say I would buy a print of it. I need wall stuff for my new apartment badly

That’s great to hear, thanks! I’m hoping to do a small series of r+ drawings and have them up for sale as stickers and/or mini-prints. I’ll keep the internet posted on that as it progresses!

If you could make a shirt out of that snack leader not a pack leader image I would buy it so fast you have no idea!!

Asked by b33fdove

Aw shucks, thank you! I’m glad you like it. I’ve been considering getting a set of stickers printed for sale but I can definitely look into getting some shirts made if folks are interested.

So to pay the bills etc I’m a (strictly) r+ dog trainer, which is the business. Among other things I’m teaching puppy classes, so inevitably I make dorky things like this to throw at my patient class attendees. Because science-based training is overshadowed by pop culture and that’s a sizable shame.

I shamelessly borrowed (stole, sorrythankyousorry) the phrase from here:

Did some quick marker sketches of gargoyles for funsies. I have some more refined stuff coming soon, and if all goes well a new webcomic.

Here’s a little sketchbook made from scrap materials. Drew a goldfinch on the cover to pretty it up a little, then realized that I’ve officially conformed to all hipster illustration standards by literally putting a bird on it. Gross.

Anyway, stonehenge paper for the interior, grocery bag covers, pamphlet-stitched with waxed linen.